Does your personal training business stop when you do?

Imagine your PT business truly working without you needing to be there. Earning you money while you nurture it and scale it into a business you can be extremely proud of with more certainty and less stress. A business that gives you more time with your loved ones and is an asset. 


Who are you?

Imagine you're working from home on a Monday morning. Your PA calls you and tells you she's booked in 9 new consults with your team this week. You finish your morning cappuccino and head to the gym for your weekly team meeting. Your team are already there as they have been coaching clients all morning.

After the meeting you head to see your accountant who tells you it's been another great month of growth. On the way home you pick up the kids from school and spend the evening with your family.

Later that evening you call your gym manager to check how the day has gone and he gives you the sales figures for the day. It has been a great day.

This is a typical day for Paul at BrightsidePT. It's also the days that our clients are designing for themselves. 

It doesn't matter what your starting point is, but you must be crystal clear on your business model, build robust systems and continually seek ways to grow.

We have crafted the perfect programme called The Studio Builder Course.


Paul Laslett

Paul owns BrightsidePT a fitness business based in Southampton, UK that operates 4 locations. It's grown to more than £450k in annual revenue. Together with Tim, Paul runs My PT Gym coaching other trainers how to grow a business that works truly on it's own. 

Tim Tavender

Tim ran a successful PT business before setting up his marketing business. Over the last 10 years he has become an expert in digital marketing, speaking on the subject. He has worked on campaigns in 180 different industries and brings that combined experience as co-founder of My PT Gym with Paul.


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