Discover How Fitness Business Owners are Reclaiming More Time Back For The Important Things in Life
(while still growing their business)

No longer missing out on life, leaving the house at 6am or still out at 9pm. It's all possible, Not only have we done it, we have shown many others how to create a true successful business that they design around their life.
Watch the video to learn more about our mission and the 5 things that I do every week to get clients and keep them...


Who are you?

You're passionate about the fitness industry and helping people to change their lives. Sounds a little cliche but hopefully that's one of the reasons you chose fitness.

Among the deluge of fitness marketers there is a tone that seems to say "Your life sucks", "Your job sucks", "You suck".

But, we actually run a fitness business. In fact it's one of the largest PT businesses here in the South of England and we happen to think it's the best career that can give you a great lifestyle and a great income.

Here's some free training the one thing that transformed by business from 0 to doing multiple six figures per year.


Paul Laslett

Paul owns BrightsidePT a fitness business based in Southampton, UK that operates 4 locations. It's grown to more than £450k in annual revenue. Together with Tim, Paul runs My PT Gym coaching other trainers how to grow a business that works truly on it's own. 

Tim Tavender

Tim ran a successful PT business before setting up his marketing business. Over the last 10 years he has become an expert in digital marketing, speaking on the subject. He has worked on campaigns in 180 different industries and brings that combined experience as co-founder of My PT Gym with Paul.


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